2010 Award Recipients


Alpert Award Recipient

Susan Rethorst

Choreographer Susan Rethorst has been creating quietly mysterious works for more than 30 years. A performer, writer, and teacher who works primarily in New York and Europe, Rethorst is interested in the complexity of simplicity, the awkward, the way dance making proceeds from the body's knowledge, and the language which results from this.


Alpert Award Recipient

Jim Trainor

Working in 16mm, experimental filmmaker Jim Trainor makes hand-drawn animated films. Often using the cool voice-over narration found in nature documentaries, older ethnographic films, and traditional story-telling, Trainor gravitates toward tales of morality, transgression, angst, and guilt. From serial murder to the mating rituals of bats, using a nervous line, he investigates the mutable and uneasy space between animal behavior and the human world.


Alpert Award Recipient

Lukas Ligeti

A composer and musician, Lukas Ligeti draws from a wide musical palette that includes jazz improvisation, American minimalism, traditional and popular African styles, and electronica. In addition to writing pieces for American Composers Orchestra, Bang on the Can All Stars, choreographer Karol Armitage, and Kronos Quartet, he is the founder of the experimental ensemble, Beta Foly, and intercultural band, Burkina Electric.

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Alpert Award Recipient

Bill Talen

As "Reverend Billy," performer, writer and activist, Bill Talen creates guerilla theatre for the 21st century. Using the city as his stage, and a gospel choir as his chorus, the creator of The Church of Life After Shopping champions post-consumerism, environmental engagement and the individual voice within community. Employing radio broadcast, film, books, and social media, Talen cultivates wildness wherever he can.

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Visual Arts

Alpert Award Recipient

Rachel Harrison

Rachel Harrison makes hand-painted sculptures, assemblages, and installations, using her own photographs, appropriated imagery, video, and objects, a kind of conversation between media, between abstraction and the figurative, between between the everyday and fine art. Movement, presence, and the body are critical to her viewing her work, and underlying that, the need to see what she considers an expression of freedom: being able to view things from many angles.

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