challenge taboos (by portraying disabled men and women as sexy and witty), revalue parts of life that have been devalued (by giving girls a voice and legitimizing their experience), and create images to move forward with (by portraying relationships on stage that give us models for communication or connection)."

As an independent choreographer, a collaborator in film projects and a facilitator in the creation of community-based art work, Marks' oeuvre is rich with the materials of real life. Plundering the vast storehouse of contemporary dance styles and "beautiful" technique without permitting virtuosity to dominate, she is interested in the meanings that movement carries, its emotional and psychological weight. Marks explores representation, mortality, solitude, community, and the knowledge possible in, and through, fully inhabited bodies. She creates passionate, transformative dances that illuminate our time.

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Born 1956, Englewood, New Jersey
Lives in Venice, California

1978 B.A., Sarah Lawrence College

1995 - Assistant Professor of Choreography and Performance, Department of World Arts and Cultures, UCLA, Los Angeles, California

(All film work choreographed by Victoria Marks and directed by Margaret Williams)
1996 "Back," a duet, premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, New York
1995 "Cover Up," a solo dance for the camera
1994 "Mothers and Daughters,"a film for 12 mother and daughter teams, commissioned by Channel Four and transmitted throughout Europe.
1993 "Outside In," a dance for CandoCo, a British company of able bodied and disabled dancers, commissioned by the BBC and the British Arts Council.
1988 "Dancing to Music," a quartet for women, currently being performed by women of different generations ranging in age from 18 to 84.

1996, 1994 Grand Prix, Video Danse Festival, France
1996, 95, National Endowment for the Arts Choreography Fellowship
89, 87-86, 1994 IMZ Award for best screen choreography
1990-94 National Endowment for the Arts Company Grant in Choreography
1987-93 New York State Council on the Arts Choreography Grants
1987-88 Fulbright Fellowship in Choreography, United Kingdom