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Special Thanks

To the artists: Nora Chipaumire, Eisa Davis, Kevin Everson, Myra Melford, and Michael Smith, without whom this would not exist. To Ingrid Schaffner, Senior Curator at the Institute of Contemporary Art, for her interview with Michael Smith; Ed Halter, critic, curator, and founder and director of Light Industry, for his interview with Kevin Everson; Nate Chinen, music journalist and New York Times contributor, for his interview with Myra Melford; Daniel Alexander Jones, interdisciplinary artist, 2006 Alpert Award recipient, and 2012 Alpert Award Panelist, for his interview with Eisa Davis; Wendy Perron, Editor-in-chief, Dance Magazine; Abina Manning, Director, Video Data Bank; David Wessel, co-director, CNMAT; Todd London, Artistic Director of New Dramatists; Jill Pangallo; Amy Casello; 2012 Alpert Panelists for their valuable feedback on the website; Video: Noah Orozco, Producer; Ian Page, Director of Photography, Post Production; Christopher Scott Allen, Sound Recordist/Consultant; Camilla Savoia, Camera Operator.

Friends and colleagues of the artists and many others.

For ongoing counsel and support: Steven D. Lavine, Lynn Rosenfeld, Rona Sebastian, and Janet Sternburg


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