"If my work is non-linear it is because I have never inhabited linear space. As an African-American male who came of age in foster care and a hip-hop generation, my attraction to Greek mythology, the novels of Proust, Baldwin, Gayl Jones, the poetry of Modernism, Post-modernism and negritude, was an attempt to reach outside of myself in order to understand the geography of my existence. The constructs of race, family and community were given to me as preoccupations, which is to say I inherited a way of seeing that I am still in the process of trying to disinherit. I’m invading my own privacy and trying to write a theater—not a play—of pluralism, in which I can survive emancipation. Writing is the only means of cultural resistance and cultural acceptance I know."

Best known as a poet/novelist/alternative theatre performer, and recording artist, Carl Hancock Rux detonates the boundaries between contemporary and classical theatre, between theatre and performance poetry, and between jazz, dance and literature. He builds cities of illusion—born out of urban realities and mythological structures—in which anything is possible, and has collaborated with artists as diverse as Urban Bush Women and Jane Comfort. With language and musicality at the core of his aesthetic vision, he examines his own politics by shaking down the truth of the past. Rux’s incantatory work stirs currents deep below the surface and remains in the body of memory.

Born 1969, New York City
Lives in Brooklyn, NY
1993 B.S., Columbia College, New York

2002 Talk (commissioned by the Foundry Theater), the Joseph Papp Public Theater, Theater X
2001 Asphalt (dance/opera commissioned by Jane Comfort & Co.) Ohio Theater, the Joyce Theater, Jacob’s Pillow
2000 No Black Male Show; a Pagan Operetta; the Kitchen, Joseph Papp Public Theater (Joe’s Pub), Portland Institute for The Arts, Center Stage, Duke University, Penumbra Theater
2000 Geneva Cottrell, Waiting for the Dog to Die, 42nd St. Collective, Pink Inc., Penumbra Theater
1998 Yanga (commissioned by Anita Gonzalez for Bandanna Women) Tribeca Performing Arts Center
1997 Languid Libretto For Womyn In The Bush (commissioned by Jawole Zollar for Urban Bush Women)
1996 Shelter (commissioned by the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater)
1995 Kick The Boot, Raise The Dust and Fly; A Recipe for Buckin'; Family Portraits (commissioned by Marlies Yearby's Movin' Spirits Dance Theater), Tribeca Performing Arts Center, St. Marks Dancespace, Performance Space 122, American Festival of Theater and Dance (Creteil, France)
1995 Pipe; A Courtroom Drama (commissioned by Garland Farwell for the Jim Henson Puppet Festival), Ohio Theater, Dance Theater Workshop, Performance Space 122
1995 Singing in the Womb of Angels, Dixon Place, Pink Inc., 42nd St. Collective
1992 Chapter & Verse, Nuyorican Poets Café, Actor’s Playhouse
1992 Song of Sad Young Men (Producer's Club Theater, National Black Theater Festival, Aaron Davis Hall)

2003 Talk (play) TCG
2003 Asphalt (novel) Atria/Simon & Schuster
2003 Eminem; The New White Negro (essay) in Everything but the Burden: What White People Are Taking from Black Culture, Broadway Books/Random House
2002 Geneva Cottrell, Waiting for The Dog to Die (play) in Open City Literary Journal
1998 Pagan Operetta (poetry & fiction) Fly By Night/Autonomedia Press
1996 Aunt Emma's Zuni Recipe for Soul Transition (creative personal essay) in Soul: Black Power, Politics and Pleasure, New York University Press
1996 Asphalt (short fiction) in Go the Way Your Blood Beats (African-American fiction), Henry Holt
1995 Chapter and Verse (play) in Action: the Nuyorican Poets Café Theater Festival, Touchstone/Simon & Schuster
1994 (poems) in Aloud: Voices from the Nuyorican Poets Café, Henry Holt

2002 New York Foundation for the Arts Gregory Millard Playwright Fellow Prize
2002 New York Foundation for the Arts Prize
2001 Creative Capital Artist Initiative
2000 Rockefeller Map Grant
1999 National Endowment for the Arts/Theater Communications Group Playwright Fellow
1999 Village Voice Literary Prize
1995 Bessie Schoenberg Award
1994 New York Times Select Critics List