...hidden stories/tiny revelations slowly revealed, discoveries emerging, movement from stillness, sound from silence, the grey area between what is known/not known where possibilities exist,

She is a fearless virtuoso with a sophisticated, instinctive sense of timing. Her dances, made of straight body language bent and twisted to her purposes, are alternately violent and tender.

Rather than re-build a venue, she'll re-imagine it. Site: A truck parked outside a theatre. Roll up door is stage curtain. Trio inside, lit by flashlights and street lamps. Tether, tension. When it's over, truck drives away

Abandon and control... more questions than answers, exposing what is hidden, digressions, tangents.

the value of good collaboration

Dance: quickly changing, embodied, malleable, reflecting the changing nature of the body, the quickly shifting world around us.

The emotional body, the intellectual body, the spiritual body, the physical body. All of these considered, all of these in tandem, all of these, all the time in practice.

i work in the medium of dance but don't necessarily think of myself as a choreographer. i'm someone who goes into a studio and works with my body because to me, the body is most expressive and reflective of all parts of who i am.

Often moving away from technical or even choreographic prowess or virtuosity, i am interested in the virtuosity of human endeavor and imperfections and limitations.


press release

Born 1967, Pittsburgh, PA

1990: BFA, Dance, New York University, Tisch School of the Arts
1985: Boston Conservatory of Music, Dance, Theater (2 years)

Major Works
2005 out of the kennel into a home
Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop
Created with composer, Jules Maxwell and playwwright, Keith Reddin
The Simple Escape
A site-specific piece performed in a transportation truck
Film version, created with Jason Somma. filmed/edited by Jason Somma
Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop
Commission by Zenon Dance Company, Premiered in Minneapolis, MN
live score by jazz composer, Ted Nash
2004 The Right Way To Do Wrong
Commissioned by FanClub Dance, Exeter, United Kingdom
Premiered at Exeter Phoenix, United Kingdom
2003 half URGE
Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC
Created with composer Douglas Henderson
Part One Parting
Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC
Commissioned by The University of Maryland, UMBC
2001 A Good Man Falls
Premiered at Danspace Project, NYC
a tree plus a tree is a forest
Duet collaboration with choreographer Cheng-Chieh Yu
Premiered at Danspace Project, NYC
1998 Wishbone, Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC
Dissolve, Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop,NYC
Pilgrim Hull, Premiered at Dance Theater Workshop, NYC

Selected Awards and Grants
2007 Viola Farber Residency through Sarah Lawrence College
2006 New York Foundation For The Arts, Fellowship in Choreography
2002 Bossak/Heilbron Charitable Foundation, Inc.
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