She explores the collision and tensions between science, mapping systems and other manmade efforts to order the world—and the unruly and unpredictable nature of life itself.

I look for the human presence embedded in the science, software, and maps we use because these stories aren't written on the surfaces. How do these systems shape the way we think about ourselves on the deepest level?

I use animation, not to create fantastic worlds or data-based illustrations, but to craft subjective responses to what people actually do, write, and say.

The unsettled territory of the animated documentary—where historical document meets the unabashedly subjective eye—appeals to me.

Here I work to develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between image and text on the common ground of abstraction, and the powerful ability of sound to give animation qualities of physical embodiment and purpose.


  The most mysterious and compelling part of being an artist is trying to get beginnings, middles, and ends feel like they're happening at the right time so viewers sense they're going somewhere. I'm glad there's no good map.

Next year I begin working on "G10" an animated fictional work about ten characters who assemble in Davos, Switzerland for an international conference. The script is inspired by Thomas Mann's "Magic Mountain," John Hughes' movie "The Breakfast Club," and the history of the metric system. I will also shoot a live-action film during the Presidential primary in my hometown in New Hampshire.
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Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Arts
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Troy, NY Spring 1997
Bachelor of Arts in Modern Culture and Media, Honors
Brown University Providence, Rhode Island Spring 1989

Recent Media Work:
2007 Stranger Comes To Town video
2006 Solstice web-based work
2004 How To Fix The World animated video 28 minutes
2002 There There Square video/web-based work 14 minutes
Don't Go There web-based work
2001 The 100th Undone video 9 minutes
2000 So To Speak video 21 minutes

Recent Screenings, Lectures, and Exhibitions:
2007 New York State of Mind House of World Cultures Berlin
PDX Festival Portland, OR
Ann Arbor Film Festival Ann Arbor, MI
Full Frame Documentary Festival Durham, NC
When A Stranger Comes To Town Pacific Film Archives
Rotterdam International Film Festival
2006 The Films of Jackie Goss Video Balagan Boston, MA
US Express American Film Institute Los Angeles
How To Fix The World Melbourne Film Festival Melbourne, Australia
Flaherty Film Seminar Poughkeepsie, NY
Russia: Significant Other State Center for Cont. Art St Petersburg, Russia
2005 Filme von Jacqueline Goss Arsenal Berlin, Germany
How To Fix Reality Impakt Utrecht, Netherlands
Jerome Hill Centennial Walker Arts Center, Minneapolis
London Film Festival London, UK
Jacqueline Goss and Alexander Oldermatt Piano Nobile Geneva, Switzerland
2004 Margaret Mead Film and Video Festival Natural History Museum, NY
Cinematexas Film Festival Austin, TX
Things Fall Together Center for Digital Arts Seattle, WA
We Know Something Milwaukee Art Museum WI
New York Video Festival Lincoln Center, NY
World Wide Video Festival Amsterdam, Netherlands
Grid Of One Berkeley Art Museum CA
Mediawave Festival Gyor, Hungary

Recent Grants, Honors, and Awards:
2007 Alpert Award in the Arts, Film and Video
Gus Van Sant Award Ann Arbor Film Festival
2005 Best Experimental Film, San Francisco Women’s Film Festival SF, CA
Creative Capital Foundation Fellowship Award
DAAD/Berliner Kunstlerprogramm Residency, Berlin
2003 Jerome Foundation Individual Artist Award
2002 First Prize, Experimental Category, Cinematexas Film Festival
New York State Council on the Arts Award

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