My creative process is a survival technique that alchemizes personal and socio-political demons into performances of intrigue and hope, for the audience and for myself.

I am always interested in the BREAKING OF HABITS, and this is especially true at the moment, as I'm at the very beginning of making the third and final piece of a trilogy. The work has a unique form, as distinct energetically from its companion pieces as it is thematically linked, It takes place in the distant future: people have rendered themselves extinct. A post-human creature inhabited by a spirit as old as the universe explores the question: 'what are the long-term effects of the human race on the universe?'

Current research includes: astral projection, reincarnation, natural history, the Big Bang theory, and the potential future of humans in relation to the Earth and its atmosphere.

A storyteller: multi-layered tales require a multi-faceted structure, Hopkins mines her own history, writes songs, creates characters, and develops evening length music-theatrical works.

Grounded in larger cultural and political debates, the work collides autobiography and fantasy; viscerally provocative material and formal experimentation; edification and entertainment; documentary-like truth and extravagant fiction.

Shifting (and occasionally stolen) identities
nervous breakdowns
narrow escapes
remnants of history
the neurology of remembrance
musical melodrama
screwball comedy
the after effects of abuse
the malleability of consciousness

Hopkins explores these themes through a hybrid form incorporating: video, set, lighting, text, movement, and live music performances (by her band Gloria Deluxe.)

press release

Born 1972, Fitchburg, Massachusetts
Lives in Brooklyn, New York

1995 B.A., Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

Selected Works
with Accinosco (collaborations with Jim Findlay, Jeff Sugg, and Gloria Deluxe):
2007 Must Don’t Whip ‘Um (premiered January 2007 at the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, MN and St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY; co-commissioned by Arts at St. Ann’s, the Walker, On the Boards, and the Philadelphia Live Arts Festival; national touring)
2004-07 Accidental Nostalgia (premiered March 2004 at St. Ann’s Warehouse in Brooklyn, NY; national touring)
with Gloria Deluxe:
1999-07 Numerous concerts at venues around the country
2006 Tsimtsum, a piece commissioned by and performed at Dance Theater Workshop, as part of the ‘Sourcing Stravinsky’ festival
2003 Compress Your Dreams (GAle GAtes et al in Brooklyn, NY)
with Transmission Projects (collaborations with Tom Fruin, Anika Kristensen, and Jeff Sugg):
2000 Toast of Tears (Smack Mellon Studios in Brooklyn, NY)
1999 Hazard of Gravity (Smack Mellon Studios in Brooklyn, NY)

Selected Awards
2005 Bessie Award for the creation of Accidental Nostalgia
2004 Jonathan Larson Performing Arts Foundation Award for Accidental Nostalgia
2001 Obie Award for the collaborative team of Mac Wellman’s Jennee Richee (with Ridge Theater)
2001 Bessie Award for composition of the songs in Big Dance Theater’s Another Telepathic Thing
2000 Obie Award for performance in Big Dance Theater’s Another Telepathic Thing

Selected Commissions
2005 Song Before Love Songs (a post-apocalyptic requiem for the human race), a composition commissioned by Bang on a Can
2001 Walk that Lonesome Valley, a piece using Tim Hawkinson’s Uberorgan, commissioned by and performed at MASS MoCA in North Adams, MA

2007 Accidental Nostalgia in Issue #3 of Play a Journal of Plays

Gloria Deluxe Recordings (self-produced)
2005 Accidental Nostalgia
2002 Alas Alack
2001 Devotionals (Songs for Shunkin)
2000 Hooker
2000 Five Songs (EP)
1999 Gloria Deluxe


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