The Websites

Writer and Editor: Irene Borger
Producer: Jackie Kain
Associate Producer: Frannie Garretson
Design: Philip Dunn, Dunn Design
Original AAIA site design: Jennifer Staggs, Minkwig
Development & Build (IML): Dave Lopez
Project Supervisor (IML): Stacy Patterson
Technical Support (IML): Willy Paredes
Interns (IML): Robert Foster, Daphne Ho, Sean Hough, Phillip Morris, Jessica Pajo, Ryan Schaul

The AAIA artists sites were produced in partnership with the Institute for Multimedia Literacy (IML), University of Southern California.

Special Thanks

Institute for Multimedia Literacy, in particular to Dave Lopez, Stacy Patterson, Willy Paredes and Holly Willis, Director of Academic Programs, for their unwavering commitment, professionalism, and collegiality.

Without whom this would not exist: the artists Rachel Harrison, Lukas Ligeti, Susan Rethorst, Bill Talen and Jim Trainor

Carl Stone for his iChat interview with Lukas Ligeti

Charles Amarkhanian, Miya Masaoka, George Lewis, Pamela Madsen, and David Rosenboom for suggesting questions for the Lukas Ligeti text interview.

Jill Cloutier and Ted Coe from KCSB for their interview with Reverend Billy

Friends and colleagues of the artists: Savitri D, Anna Fisher, Annie Ochmanek, Peter Pearson, Jeffrey Rowledge, April Thibeault, Alexandra Tuttle, Danny Valdes, Allison Weissman, and many others.

Penny Campbell, Susan Foster, and Wendy Perron for their advice and research.

For ongoing counsel and support: Steven D. Lavine, Lynn Rosenfeld, Rona Sebastian, and Janet Sternburg


Margaret Crane
Denise Thatt

The Herb Alpert Foundation
Nancy Enyart

C4 Global Communications
Caroline Graham
Stephanie Watari

Initiated and funded by The Herb Alpert Foundation, the Alpert Award in the Arts is administered by the California Institute of the Arts (CalArts)